I finally did it!

I opened an Etsy shop.

It’s a little sparse right now, but I’ll fill it up!:-)

Click on the picture and it should take you to my shop.


Are you wondering about that name? Well, believe it or not, I wanted a name which was a little easier to say than ” Stella-Lily’s”! If you’re an English speaker, your thinking I’m crazy right now, but I decided this name 929 is easily said in English and by using Neun ( 9 in German) Zwo ( 2 in German) Neun ( 9 again) I could represent both sides of my life. The American in me living in Germany.

The number has very special meaning to me. Remember this post?

I hope you’ll pop over to the shop and check it out. I’ll be adding new things! Right now only home decor, but I hope to add a kids collection at some point!

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  1. Lynn Radziseski

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Love your pin cushions. Makes me think of the ones Mom made that looked like hats and matched our Easter dresses. I think I have the picture that was in the newspaper.

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