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Circle Skirt Free Pattern

I am a HUGE fan of Farbenmix patterns. They are so easy to follow and the offer online step by step directions for many of their patterns. Sometimes the directions are only available in German, but many are available in English.  I found this circle skirt pattern for you! It’s free, it’s in English,  and I’m happy that I am able to offer it to you!

So, here you go! Enjoy!!

Click on this picture below to download the pdf

Getting crafty—we’re making Angels

Carnival in Cologne

St Martin’s Day

The German Alps

Dragon’s Rock

Expat Women

Strawberries, strawberries, and more strawberries

Kimi’s Lemon Squares for the women I’ve met!

I moved to  Germany in 2004 and have had  the pleasure of meeting  some really fantastic English speaking women. I’ve met some great German women as well, but today I’m talking about my native- English speaking friends. Most of us moved here for LOVE and some still live here even the original love is over! Could it be the love for a person turned into a love for a country? Perhaps…

I moved to Germany for  love. I was swept off my feet by husband. Maybe it was his accent? Maybe the mystery of living in a foreign country? Who knows…luckily, I’m still very happy in love. Hey look, that’s me on my wedding day!

When I arrived in Deutschland I couldn’t speak a word of German except  Danke Schön and Gesundheit. I expected that I would learn the language and be fluent within six months! Sure…..That didn’t happen for me. Maybe for others, but not me. I quickly met a lovely American women in the same situation as me…moved here for love a half a year ( maybe a little longer) before me. We saw each other at German school and it’s probably a good thing she was a level above me or we might not have learned a thing and just giggled through the whole lesson. We had both heard about the ( then called) American Women’s Club of Cologne but were both hesitant to contact them. We made a deal that we would go together to a weekly coffee held in the city. We both haven’t looked back since! I am so happy we took the jump and joined this club. The ( now called ) American International Women’s Club of Cologne is not only a social club but is also a  non-profit organization raising money for various causes  in the  Cologne area such as a children’s hospice ( Kinderhospiz Balthasar ) Elisabeth Frye Haus ( a home for women in crisis sitations) , and the Ronald Mc Donald Haus. ( no, I didn’t spell that wrong, that’s house in German)  The AIWCC has also raised money for projects abroad such as Kugeria Women Water Project: cooperative to bring water to villages in Kenya and Kinderhilfe Kambodscha e.V.: orphanage and women’s help project in Phnom Penh.

But now back to some of the women I’ve met…

Jill Luecht  has taken gorgeous  pictures of my family and features a sequence of  belly shots from my third pregnancy on her website.  Turns out Jill and I actually lived for several years in the same city while she and her German husband  ( love) were getting their MBA’s.  We met at a baby group here in Germany however!! The world is truly small!

My-Linh Kunst , also a photographer, has traveled the world photographing  American women living abroad. She has published a stunning book called Beyond Borders: Protraits of American Women around the World.  She is also serving as the current president of FAWCO .

Robin Meloy Goldsy is a talent pianist, author, composer…etc. etc. etc! The woman is talented!  Along with three books,  two memoirs and one novel,  she has composed several CD’s and has written and composed a children’s musical!  Her first memoir Piano Girl had me laughing from beginning to end. Her second: Waltz of the Asparagus People has  me laughing even harder as I can related to so many of her stories especially since I personally know a few of the characters. Her novel: Rhythm, put goosebumps on my arms and had me both laughing and crying.

Kim Ullerich is a graphic designer and I’m going to be a bit embarrassed  when she sees my boring web page! She owns a beautiful shop in the heart of Cologne called Majesty Paper.  Majesty Paper was opened in 2006 by Kim and her husband ( guess what…she also moved here for LOVE!) Ingo Ullerich. Kim, who is an American graphic designer, worked for many years as an Art Director for greeting card studios in the San Francisco area. She and Ingo purchased their first Letterpress machine in 2006 and began producing their own cards. When  I walk into her store I want to buy absolutely everything– it’s so gorgeous. She has a hilarious line of Yoga greeting cards which  in my opinion will give those Hall—-  greeting cards a run for their money! Not only can she design, but the girl can bake!! Check out her recipe for Lemon Squares…And yes, she designed these adorable recipe cards!

I could really go on and on about the talent fabulous women I’ve met and I’m guessing if you stick around and read my blog often enough you’ll be hearing about them!


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